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Repair & IT Support – Royal Digital Computer Center. (RDCC)

(RDCC) can help in solving your Computer Problems. Computer Problems such as slow start up, freezing applications, and slow performance. Problems with a Computer such as these need a Computer Technician to perform maintenance Tune up ridding the computer of problems such as excess files, spyware and malware that may have entered the computers operating system environment, plus a general reorganization of the systems applications and storage. You don't necessarily need a computer virus to effect the operation of your computer system, computer problems tend to build over time and are generally not caused only by one issue.

(RDCC) is dedicated to helping business owners get more productivity out of their

computer systems.

We offer:

•  Hardware and Software Troubleshooting
•  Application Installation and Support
•  Computer Parts and Repairs
•  Virus/Spyware Protection and Removal
•  Security Analysis and Troubleshooting
•  Internet and Email Setup and Assistance
•  Networking and Server Maintenance
•  Regular Tune-ups and Maintenance
•  Web site Design and Hosting
•  Custom Software Development
•  Remote Access and Diagnostics
•  Data Recovery & Disaster Recovery
•  Mobile Email installation and setup
•  Service Plans
•  And more...

HARDWARE MAINTENANCE & SUPPORT We provide maintenance support for all hardware components, accessories and peripherals such as Servers, Terminals, Desktop & Laptop PCs, UPS, Printers, and Scanners.

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