Services Offered By Royal

1) Hardware, Software, peripherals & Network Equipment

Royal supplies and services all brands of Server, Desktops & Laptops like HP, COMPAQ, DELL, ACER, SONY, TOSHIBA etc., Royal assembles and customizes the desktops as per the customer requirement. Royal delivers & install the equipment at the customer location (Free of charge)

Royal installs and configures the necessary software (Licensed) as the customer require. This saves lot of time for the customer.

Royal suggests suitable alternatives.

Royal supplies all brands of peripherals – Printers, Scanners, External hard disk, USB Flash drives, Keyboard, Mouse & all brands of Network Equipment.

Exchange old Laptop/desktop or trade-in full quantity of laptop/desktop of Company with New Laptops/Desktops.

2) Network. (Local Network & Internet)

Royal provides practical Network Solutions – Wireless, Wired and Fiber optic.

If required, Royal facilitates outstanding Internet solutions from ISP's in Kuwait.

Free Maintenance service for our Network installations for a period of six months.

3) Setup of Domain, Internet & Exchange Services

Royal assists the customer to setup full Domain and Exchange, the customer gets full advantages of the Network with printer sharing, internet sharing etc.,

4) Anti-Virus Solution

Royal provides various scales and brands of Anti-virus solutions for single, multi & Network Antivirus, NOD32, Trend Micro, Symantec & Mcafee etc.,

5) Licensed software

Royal is the registered partner for selling Microsoft Software Products. Royal supplies any other software on customer's request.

6) Maintenance & Repair of the IT Equipment

Royal provides excellent Maintenance of any IT Setup. Royal has trained technicians they are available on a call. Royal provides repair services for Laptops, Printers & other hardware. Royal undertakes Yearly Maintenance Contracts of any IT Setup.

7) Website (Registration, Design & Hosting)

Royal has full team of professionals to handle design of Websites. Registration, hosting, designing and Maintenance of customers websites.

8) Consultancy

Royal has considerable experience of business and technical operations in commercial and public sector organizations of many differing sizes. From business transformations through to requirements gathering and systems integration through to infrastructure strategy Royal provides the full range of consultancy services for Hardware, Software & Networking.

9) Turn-key projects

Royal is foremost in taking up Turn-key Projects of all IT requirements.

Request for Proposal (RFP): Royal facilitates the organizations to prepare the RFP for their requirements.

Evaluation of Project: Royal evaluates any project proposals for the organizations.

Implementation: Royal supervises implementation of projects.

Commissioning/Acceptance: Royal examines IT projects after the completion and assists in issuance of Acceptance Certificates.

10) ERP Solutions

Royal provides ERP Solutions for all needs. Royal provides customized development of software as per specific needs of its clients. Royal partners with external Solution providers to meets requirements of clients.

11) On-Site Support

Royal provides on-site technical support to its client’s through-out Kuwait. Royal’s team of Engineers and technicians has considerable record of success in time constraint situation.


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